The opening of the National Museum of Qatar was an event that was expected to go down in history as one of the most reputable Museum Openings in the world, as it did.

A remarkable monument was built in Doha by renowned French Architect, Jean Nouvel, and it was considered and seen as a national treasure and a dignified masterpiece, not only by Qataris, but by the entire world.

The Museum invited Heads of states, public figures, journalists, and international News Networking Channels to witness and celebrate the grand opening. As it also invited celebrities such as film directors, movie stars, artists and designers from all over the world.

Qatar Museums contacted Qommunication to be in charge of PR activities that target nationals and residents of Qatar and the GCC, to put emphasis on this segment as the main target audience and future visitors of the Museum due to the shared heritage and their close proximity to the Museum.

Qommunication took full responsibility of the project and set strategies that allow no room for error.


  • Develop and execute and integrated strategy that achieves Qatar Museum goals
  • Showcase the inspiration and hard labor that went into building the National Museum of Qatar
  • Attract nationals and residents of Qatar and the GCC to visit the Museum
  • Promote the museum as the newest and the most esteemed cultural hub in the region
  • Increase regional exposure and publicity

How Objectives were Achieved

  • Qommunication represented the National Museum of Qatar and followed the Museum’s personality and set of values
  • Launched a Social Media campaign in conjunction with local and regional influencers to document, promote and publicize the grand event
  • Adopted Qatar Museum’s tone of voice to ensure that the content posted on the different platforms correlates and is relevant
  • Influencers shared their experiences from the past at the National Museum of Qatar with their audience to establish a personal bond between audience and the upcoming ceremony
  • Qommunication team was present at the opening along with 12 Qommunication Influencers to document the opening to hundreds of thousand viewers

Key Results

Dramatic traffic increase on all Social Media platforms


Over 3,000,000 on Instagram


342,000 during opening ceremony alone


132,000 in the first month

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