Al Shaqab is Qatar’s biggest and most prestigious equestrian facility, that stands as an enduring tribute to the Arabian Horse.

In addition to having a Horseback Riding Academy, Al Shaqab hosts and organizes international events on the equestrian calendar, including CHI Al Shaqab, where the best horses and riders compete for coveted titles.

When Al Shaqab approached Qommunication prior to this major tournament, they were facing several challenges.

  1. They had just concluded a tournament and believed it was difficult to attract more traffic to CHI Al Shaqab and make the event stand out
  2. Due to time constraints, the entity found it challenging to promote and market the event optimally
  3. Al Shaqab, having established a strong name, were looking to substantially increase the online and social media presence of CHI to showcase it to the world in an optimal way


  • Generate more foot traffic and increase the number of visitors during the (3) days of the event
  • Present a 360-Degree view of CHI Al Shaqab to the local community and to the world
  • Increase number of ticket sales and traffic on the official website
  • Position CHI Al Shaqab in Qatar as one of the most prestigious equestrian competitions in the world
  • Drive up social media presence of Al Shaqab by collaborating with local and regional influencers
  • Achieve strong rankings in organic views and engagement rates online


How Objectives were achieved

  • Rollout of a new communication strategy by Qommunication aimed at appealing to potential customers
  • Working in conjunction with local and regional influencers to document and show the live experience at Al Shaqab prior to the event, to share with the audience the process of booking tickets and arriving at the facility
  • Created promotional activities such as online competitions between influencers and their audience to increase engagement rates
  • Used social media platforms, including Snapchat and Instagram to post creative and appealing content
  • Used Facebook Ads and Facebook Insights to promote online content and measure statistics
  • Attended the event, while documenting it on social media and analyzing on results in real time to increase ROI on an ongoing basis

Key Results

Became No. 1 Sporting event of the season with Increased attendance and ticket revenue

Pre-event Views



Over 1M

Story Views

Over 1.5M

Interactions on Al Shaqab’s Instagram

increased by 120%

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