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Qommunication is a Qatari Marketing and PR Agency certified in international Public Relations’ standards which insures top quality and professionalism. We integrate, strategize and tailor solutions to deliver deeper communication and abiding results for our clients

The Agency brings a Qatari perspective into the PR industry. We offer public relations, media, social media, marketing, event management and consultation solutions.

Positioning our clients’ miles ahead of their competitors, continuously thinking of the next steps to stay ahead. Our team’s expertise expands over 30+ years of field work with many reputable brands. We constantly think of our clients as our partners, working towards achieving their end goal

We started in 2014 as a startup and within years of following our passion we landed the biggest clients in Qatar. We are constantly expanding and applying the latest methods and tools in the public relations industry.  “


Our Team

Noora Buhelaiqa


Noora Buhelaiqa is passionate about all things media, She founded Qommunication, a Qatari Public relations and communication agency in 2015 to overcome the lack of local Qatari PR agencies.
Noora Abu Helaiqa built Qommunication on principles and values of the Qatari Community. Her passion for Public Relations led her to establish Qommunication from the heart of Doha with a vision that soars and reaches higher spheres.

She specializes in creating corporate messaging, media training, crisis communication and social media strategies.



Mohamed Jamsheer is a young and an enthusiastic Graphic Designer with experience in production design and illustration. He followed his passion and pursued this career knowing fully that he will thrive at it. Jamsheer is a an excellent multi tasker who's confident in his Graphic abilities and his results are one of a kind.
Despite having a complete a Bachelor's in Commerce, he knew that there was a different plan awaiting him.


Account Executive

Heba Salem has built her career in PR and Marketing and joined Qommunication with full belief that it will become one of the greatest agencies in Qatar. She invested her time and hard work, using her skills and academic education in Journalism and Broadcast, knowing that her investment will be fruitful. She has worked on countless projects and gained immense experience through her dedication and passion for her work.



``We care about your Financial Future.``

Deepa Shetty has been passionate about Accounting and plays a vital role at Qommunication in managing day to day financial activities. She has completed her bachelors in business administration, in addition to her degree qualification, she has held CA Articleship to have more expertise in the field of Accounts. Her immense dedication in the field has proven to be of great value.


Digital Marketing Executive

A boss says ‘GO’ and a leader says ‘Let’s Go’
Thuriyya Abdul Nasir’s experience taught her that leadership doesn’t just exists in political areas, leadership comes within one once the potential of empowering is unlocked. Leadership brings us together to vocalize, empower and innovate. As an individual who studied Computer Science, Thuriyya believes that innovation and leadership will be a correlation of the future. She handles Digital Marketing at Qommunication and is ready to expand her department. She specializes in implementing high tech social media tools and algorithms when in comes to content creations and social media management.



Andrew plays a key role in the organization of Qommunication's infrastructure. He is responsible for ensuring that the administrative activities run efficiently through providing structure. He also takes charge in human resources tasks, budgeting and records-keeping. He works independently and is a great team player as well. He ensures the smooth running the company and contributes in driving sustainable growth.
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Our Clients

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Our Clients

“I personally sought after Qommunication. It was because whenever I ask about a successful business or outlet, your name would come up as their PR agency.”

MASHOUR AL-REFAL     Hotel Manager – Concorde Hotel

“I am very happy with the service I get in Qommunication. I have hired you three times this year for our three major event and you always exceed my expectation. I will recommend you to everyone I know.”

Nour Siedaldeen    Marketing Manager Molten Brown Middle East

“I am a fan of your work, and can always tell when you are behind a project”

Abdulaziz Al-Khaleefa    Ceo of Qatar Development Bank

“I didn’t expect the results, they are literary worth every penny”

Arple Ohaness Manager – Ohanees Restaurant

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